success in multiple therapeutic classes and medical sectors

target marketing and forecasting

Determining and developing target lists with the highest likelihood to purchase your product, with realistic forecasts based on multiple configuration scenarios

Sales force sizing, creation, and incentive design

We will determine the optimal sales force size, territory alignment, incentive plan, and target market enforcement for an effective sales force. 

market research and analysis

We determine the branding, positioning, and messaging your product needs that customers will  recognize and resonate through market research and analysis that we will conduct.

Experience in successful product development and launches in pharmaceuticals, Over-The Counter products, medical devices, capital medical equipment, wellness programs, disease management, alternative health, medical services, medical software, and health insurance sectors


Therapeutic Class Experience

Cardiovascular                    Dermatology             Endocrinology               Obstetrics/Gynecology              Ophthalmic                     Orthopedics                Urology

Angina                                  Hair Removal             Alzheimer's                     Endometriosis                            Dry Eye                            Allografts                     Incontinence

COPD                                    Spider Veins              Parkinson's                     Gestational Diabetes                 Glaucoma                        Metal Alloys                Dialysis

Congestive Heart Failure    Toenail Fungus         Oncology                         Gestational Nausea                   Macular Degeneration    Magnesium Alloys     Kidney Stones 

Hypercholesterolemia         Wound Care              Weight Loss                    Osteoporosis                              Ocular Allergy                  Non-Union Fracture   Prostatectomy

Hypertension                                                                                                    Pre-Eclampsia                            Ocular Anti-Infective       Podiatry

                                                                                                                           Pre-Term Labor                          Ocular Anti-Inflammatory

                                                                                                                           Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


product launch planning

Project planning timelines, coordination of marketing channels with sales force training and messaging, and beta tests are only a small part of what we do to launch your product.

We will help you 

Successfully launch the first
product in a new market

marketing channel development

From Direct Mail to Push Notifications, we identify ideal marketing channels used to promote and inform potential customers about your product,  as well as determine realistic ROIs for each channel.